Real Estate Law

In my years of real estate law practice, I have helped many clients in matters including suits to partition property and suits to establish title by adverse possession. Suits to partition property involve dividing property between co-owners. This partition of property can be accomplished in one of two ways. One way is partition in kind which refers to the actual physical division of land by metes and bounds. The other is partition by sale, a judicially-ordered sale of the property when partition in kind is not feasible or cannot be achieved in a manner that is just and equitable. Adverse possession lawsuits involve claims of ownership of real property. These claims are based on the use or occupancy of real property and payment of property taxes over a period of years.

I have additional experience helping my clients in other real estate law matters including the resolution of residential and commercial landlord/tenant disputes, foreclosure of vendor’s lien, assumption for Deed of Trust, transfer of ownership of a home or other real estate from a deceased person into the heirs, advising sellers and purchasers of real estate concerning contracting and legal rights and duties, and more.

If your ownership or peaceful possession of your home is threatened, you will benefit from the nine years of experience of Marsha L. Hunter in this area of the law, as well as her commercial litigation experience in cases against businesses represented by large law firms.

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